Institutional Ethics Committee

Sr. No.     Circulars/Notices/Committee
1Institutional Ethics Committee for Biomedical and Health Research (Extramural)
2Institutional Ethics Committee for Clinical Trials, Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies(Extramural)
3Sub-Commitee of the Institute Ethics Committee (IEC)
4Institutional Ethics Committee (Intramural)
5Office order regarding partial modification as member of Institute Ethical Committee during leave period of Prof. Neelam Aggarwal
6Registration Certificate-Institutional Ethics Committee

Cirular dated 26/02/2016

8Office Order dated 01.03.2018


The Investigators need to submit four hard copies of the IEC form (available on the PGI website) and the project which should be complete in all aspects. The soft copy of the same should be emailed to:

The IEC will review all research proposals that involve research on human participants (including data, stored samples, etc) AND  will have extramural funding

Important information

 IEC Meeting Dates : 3rd Wednesdays of January, March, April, July,  August, September, October, and November (exact date may change)

Project Submission Deadline: 1st Wednesday of the month (2 weeks prior to date of meeting)

Applications received after the deadline will be taken up in the next meeting

Clearance from IEC is necessary even for projects that have been cleared by other institutions/agencies

The documents should be submitted to: Ms Lavneet or Mr Rajinder; Room no. 6006, IEC Office, A, 6th floor, PN Chuttani Block.  Tel: 5266

A complete set of documents should also be emailed to iecpgi [at] gmail [dot] com. Incomplete applications willbe returened.

Sr. No   Forms/SOPs
1Revised Submission Form for New Projects (IEC Form) (doc format)
2Revised Submission Form for New Projects (PDF format)
3Revised Guidelines for Ethics Committee from Regulatory Bodies(doc format)
4Revised Guidelines for Ethics Committee from Regulatory Bodies(PDF format)
5Revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 2018
6Revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
7Format for  submission of additional information/ revised documents  for  already approved projects
8Assent Form
9Informed Consent Form  (ICF)
10Patient Information Sheet (PIS)
11Annual Progress Report Form-Clinical Trials
12Annual Progress Report Form-other studies
13Study Completion Form-Clinical Trials
14Study Completion Form-other studies
15SAE FORMS (Appendix-XI & Schedule-Y) (DOC Format)
16SAE Reporting Form (DOC Format)
17Format for information on trial initiation
18IEC Trial Submission Form
19SAE Reporting Form


Note : These Forms are for guidance only and  may be modified in relation to the study being undertaken


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