Advanced Urology Centre



The Advanced Urology Centre was inaugurated by Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss Hon'ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare. It has a total Indoor bed strength of 60 and a covered area of 13920 sq.ft. It has advance facility for diagnosis and treatment of urological disorders.

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 Areas of service:

This is a popular center for training in the superspeciality of Urology (M.Ch. Urology). Three students are taken each during January and July sessions every year. The department offers up-to-date facility for comprehensive management of all major urological disorders. The broad areas of service include -


  1. Robotic Assisted Surgical Facility: The recent Highlight of the department is starting of  Robot Assisted Surgery facility. This  State-of-Art facility was started in month of November 2014 and officially inaugurated by Mr  JP Nada Hon'ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare on 8th Feb 2015. The procedures being performed are Radical Prostetectomy for prostate cancer,partial nephrectomies for kidney tumors, complex urological recomstructions and so far more than 200 cases have been performed successfully.
  2. Endourology and laparoscopy: Transurethral resection of bladder tumor and prostate, uretero-renoscopy, percutaneous nephrostolithotomy, ablative as well as reconstructive laparoscopic surgery (e.g. radical Nephrectomy, partial Nephrectomy, Nephrectomy for benign disease, pyeloplasty, ureteroneocystostomy)
  3. Reconstructive surgery: Urethral stricture disease, genitor-urinary fistula, UPJ obstruction, Hypospadias, continent urinary diversions
  4. Uro-oncology: Up-to-date management for cancers of renal, ureteral, bladder, prostate, urethral and penile cancers. Often treatment of such diseases require major reconstruction following enbloc excision of the cancer (e.g. radical cysto-prostatectomy followed by orthotopic neobladder reconstruction for curative treatment of invasive bladder cancer)
  5. Pelvic health: Management of urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse; neurogenic and non-neurogenic voiding dysfunction; urodynamics
  6. Men’s health: Management of erectile dysfunction and male factor infertility.
  7. Urological emergencies: Management of urotrauma and other emergency urological problems like urosepsis, obstructive uropathy, hematuria management etc.

The department is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities for diagnosis, intervention and surgical management (e.g. 3D ultrasound BK Medical, profocus 2202 – transrectal prostate biopsy, percutaneous nephrostomy, intraoperative localization of renal mass lesion; high intensity radio-fluoroscopy unit for uro-radiological investigations; multichannel urodynamics MMS International; high definition video-endoscopic systems for endourology / laparoscopic procedures; Lumenis power suite 100W Holmium laser unit; Olympus digital flexible uretero-renosope, etc.). State-of-the-art Dornier compact delta-2 shock wave lithotripsy equipment is now fully functional (5B, new OPD complex) for non-invasive management of urinary stones.

The facility for kidney transplantation is being run by the department of Renal Transplantation surgery. The Urological problems of children upto age of 12 years are mostly looked after by the department of Pediatric Surgery.


OPD Schedule:






Men’s Health

  • Monday
  • Dr Shrawan K Singh (3079)
  • Dr Ravimohan S Mavuduru (3081)
  • Dr Aditya P Sharma (3082)
  ICSI Clinic
  • Monday
  • New OPD complex room no 2046,      8 am -9 pm
  • Dr Vanita Suri and team (Gynae)
  • Dr Ravimohan S Mavuduru
  • Dr Aditya Prakash Sharma 
Unit I Urology
  • Wednesday
  • Saturday
  • Dr Shrawan K Singh (3086)
  • Dr Santosh Kumar (3084)
  • Dr Sudheer Devana (3082)
  • Dr Aditya P Sharma (3081)
  • Dr Kapil Chaudhary (3079)

Unit II


  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Dr Uttam K Mete (3086)
  • Dr Ravimohan Mavuduru (3079)
  • Dr Girdhar S Bora (3083)
  • Dr Kalpesh M Parmar (3082)
  Female Urology Clinic 
  • Thursday
  • New OPD complex room no 2042
  • Dr  Vanita Suri and team (Gynae)
  • Dr Girdhar S Bora


Urooncology Clinic
  • Monday
  • New OPD Complex, room no 3113, 2-4pm
  • Dr Shrawan K Singh
  • Dr Sushmita Ghoshal
  • Dr Uttam K Mete
  • Dr Ravimohan S Mavuduru
  • Dr Renu Madaan
  • Dr Chandan K Das