Advanced Trauma Centre

The patient care services in PGIMER have expanded from Nehru Hospital to a number of independent Centres like New OPD Block, Advanced Pediatric Centre, New Emergency Block, Advanced Eye Centre, Drug De-addiction Centre, Advanced Cardiac Centre and Advanced Trauma Centre with enhanced number of hospital beds and
operation theatres.

The Emergency Complex and Advanced Trauma Centre provide all medical and surgical services including investigations and operations under one roof. The Emergency services are supervised by the Assistant Professor, Department of Hospital Administration and assisted by Senior Medical Officers (Casualty). They are responsible for dealing with medico-legal cases providing poor free services to deserving patients and supplying life saving medicines and consumable items. MHA Residents assist in day-to-day administrative working. The Emergencies are managed by medical/surgical and super-specialty consultants and senior residents. A disaster area having cupboards containing equipments and life saving drugs has been earmarked and is used for treating mass casualties. A well-equipped VIP room is maintained to meet any emergency situation in case VIPs are brought to the Emergency.