Telephone Exchange



  • Communication systems are the backbone of any healthcare management. Telecommunication is one of the important communication tools in PGIMER, Chandigarh.
  • Telephone Exchange (EPABX) is installed in APC building in the year 2002. We have coral Tadiran make EPABX Telephone Exchange which has 2000 ports (extension lines) at present 1861 extension lines are working and also 375 ports IP-PBX Alkatel make Telephone exchange.
  • Telephone Exchange (EPABX) is situated in Advance Pediatric Centre in Room No 2326 & 2328 ground floor.

Location with contact person & phone numbers


Contact person


Phone no.



Officer In charge (Telephone)

R.No. 2012, 2nd Floor, Block-C, ACC, PGIMER




J.E. (Telephone)

# 2326, G.F. C Block, APC Building, PGIMER




Supervisor ( Telephone)







Telephone Operator  (On duty)

#2328. G.F. C Block, APC Building, PGIMER



Objective of Department

  • To provide uninterrupted communication facility round the clock.
  • Telephone exchange is committed to provide best services to PGI staff, patient, their Attendants & relatives through our EPABX system.
  • Our Telephone operators are available round the clock and are committed to provide Communication services to PGI staff, patients, patient attendants and general public by Connecting them with the numbers they want to talk to.
  • To minimize the complaints of landline extension lines.

Organizational Structure

Major Process / Function

  • Outgoing local call facility (for Punjab Circle) available 24 hrs through Telephone operators by simply dialing 9 Number from any extension Number.
  • Any person from Chandigarh/Mohali/Panchkula can dial directly to any extension line from Landline phone, by prefixing 275 before required extension line.
  • Any person can dial directly in PGI extension lines from any were in India from Mobile/Landline just by prefixing 0172275 before required extension line.

Infrastructure including major equipments

        Infrastructure for telephone exchange is made for 2000 extension lines. Underground Cables are laid in all Blocks of PGI & Exchange cables are terminated at MDF which is installed just adjacent to EPABX Room No 2328, (A.P.C. Building).

Equipment Installed

  • EPABX Telephone Exchange, Hardware Capacity 2000 telephone lines.
  • IP-PBX Telephone Exchange, Hardware Capacity 375 telephone lines

Expenditure in last financial year 2020-21

  1. BSNL PRI Line Rent per month: Rs. 50000 /-
  2. CMC of EPABX Per annum: Rs. 2, 97,000/-


  • With the aim to provide and facilitate the communication of users using different mobile network within PGIMER. The department has signed an agreement with M/s UBICO Network Pvt. Ltd, M/s Bharat Sanchar Nagar Limited and M/s Bharti Airtel Limited to carry out In-building/Outdoor installation for multi- cellular operators in single infrastructure work in different blocks of PGIMER. The work has been carried out in different blocks of PGIMER.
  • New IP Based EPABX System was installed in existing Telephone Exchange to provide Landline Telephone services in Extension of Nehru Hospital. This telephony system is designed with IP at the Core, Server & Gateway type communications system, allowing fully distributed IP solutions across data networks. The system will be server based and it will support traditional TDM or mixed IP-TDM or fully 100 % IP configurations.
  • During the year 2020-21, 155 smartphones worth Rs 14 Lac were procured and distributed to all clinical departments along with SIM Cards for tele-consultation services in various OPD. 42 smartphones worth Rs 4.20 Lac were procured and distributed in the COVID-19 wards for smooth functioning of the COVID Hospital, NHE.  
  • In order to provide more and uninterrupted tele-consultation to the patients, 05 Tele-consultation helpline numbers were created and install 27 number of dedicated telephone lines in New OPD, Eye Center & DDTC, ACC, APC and OHSC registration counters. We also installed Interactive Voice Response solutions (IVRS) facility for Tele-Consultation services in telephone exchange. 4.18 Lac numbers of Calls of patients were attended at various registrations Counter.