Office Orders/Circulars/Notices

Sr. No. Ref. No and  Dated Subject
26 GS/2021/GS000988 dated 17.09.2021 Office order for reshuffling of units of General Surgery.

25 No. EV(9)PGI-MS/MA-10-A/2021/MSNUR3393 dated 01.09.2021 Office order for GIT Clinic
25 No.GE/Gastro000878 Dated 25.08.21 Regarding OPD /Clinic schedule of Gastroenterology & inclusion of faculty name
24 No.GE/2021/Gastro000856 Dated 21.08.21 Notice regading charge of GE unit II w.e. f  21.08.2021
23 No.GE/Gastro000862 Dated 23.08.21 Regarding OPD /Clinic schedule of Gastroenterology & inclusion of faculty name
22 No.GE/2021/Gastro000697 Dated 10.07.21

Office order regarding redistribution of faculty members in the department of Gastroenterology

21 Ref.No.MSNUR 1590 dated: 29/4/2021 Due to surge in COVID-19 positive patients in the Institute, the tele-consultation registration timings for outdoor patients from Friday the 30th April, 2021 onwards shall be from 08:00 AM to 09:00 AM instead of 08:00AM to 09:30 AM.
19 Endst. No.EV(9)PGI-MS/MA-10-A/2021/MSNUR1370 dated 10.04.2020 Office order regarding physical OPD Stands Suspended at the PGIMER, Chandigarh from 12.04.2021 till further orders
18 Endst. No.EV(9)PGI-MS/MA-10-A/2021/MSNUR1020 dated 15.03.2020 Office order to waive off the registration charges of OPD card for amputee clinic patients.
17 No. EV(9)PGI-MS/MA-10-A/2021/MSNUR762 dated 22.02.2021 Special Clinic for Brain stroke patients
16 No. EV(9)PGI-MS/MA-10-A/2021/MSNUR649 dated 11.02.2021 Office Order regarding space for GE unit II, III, I
15 No. EV(9)PGI-MS/MA-10-A/2021/MSNUR404 dated 23.01.2021
Office Order regarding creation of space for GE unit III
14 DDT000227 Dated 24-12-2020 The Drug De-Addiction and Treatment Center (DDTC) Department of Psychiatry, PGIMER, Chandigarh will resume restricted inpatient services in the DDTC Ward w.e.f 01.01.2021 with the capacity of 11 inpatients
13 Endst. No.EV(9)PGI-MS/MA-10-A/2020/MSNUR4129 dated 05.12.2020 Circular regarding newly established referral system in PGIMER, Chandigarh.
12 Endst.No.SGE000038 dated 27.08.2020

On Call  numbers in case of any Surgical Gastroenterology Emergency

11 Endst.No.F.254/EI(I)/PGI/2020 dated 13.07.2020 Office Order regarding conversion of Paediatric Intensive Care Unit-II into High Dependency Facility of the Advanced Paediatric Centre, PGIMER, Chandigarh
10 Dated- 21-04-2020

Duty roster for the telephonic and teleconferencing Cardiology OPD

Duty Roster of Faculty

Duty Roster of SR



9 No. Card./2020/00907 Dated-13-04-2020

Cardio Consultation on phone for Cardiac Patients for follow up from Cardiology

8 N0. ART/Med/2020/ 388 Dated-04-05-2020 Information for PGI ART Patients
7 Dated-31-03-2020 Circular regarding continuation of Opioid Substitution Therapy(OST) Clinic
6 Dated 5-11-2019 Revised Unit/Days of Department of General Surgery w.rf. to 01-08-2019
5 Dated 16-09-19

Consequent upon the joining of the following new Faculty members in the Deptt. Of Gen. Surgery, their posting and allocation of rooms in the Surgical OPD is as below

4 No. EV(9) PGI-MS/MA-10-A/2019/MSNUR4426 dated 24.082019 Allotment of Room to HIMCARE in Nehru Hospital Expansion Building
3 Endst. No. Surg.19/GS001303

Appointment of Assistant professor Dr. R.N Naga Santosh in Unit -I and Dr. Kailash Chand Kurida in Unit -II in Department of General Surgery (Dated-15-08-2019)

No. EV(9)PGI-MS/MA-10-A/2019/MSNUR2947 Dated 06.06.19 Office Order regarding allotment of rooms no 3077-84 to Deptt. of General Surgery to run Surgical Gastroenterology Clinic in New OPD
1 No. EV(9)PGI-MS/MA-10-A/2019/MSNUR2946 Dated-06.06.2019
Office Order regarding allotment of room no 3113 to Deptt. of Urology for starting Urological Cancer Clinic in New OPD