Circular and Notices
Sr.  No      
Ref. No and Date Subject
1 Endst. No-MSNUR3390 Dated 8.07.2019 Guidelines for grant of compensation to the families of the victims died or injured at the public places due to the negligence and /or unforeseen causes
2. Endst. No-PGI-MA-2019/F-002/530 Dated 22.05.2019
Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) including E-cigarettes and the like devices - reg
3 File No.V.17020/150/2019-INI.II Dated 30.05.2019
Blacklisting of NGOs by Rastriya Mahila Kosh
4 File No.V.17020/178/2019-INI.II Dated 04.07.2019 Common Service Centres (CSC) Complaint Centre
5 MSNUR4864 dated 18.09.2019 Office Memorandum- Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) order, 2017
issued by DIPP -reg
6 Endst. No-PGI-MA-2019/F-003/1264 Dated 22.10.2019 Jatiya Sanhati Utsav-O-Bharat Mela 2019
7 No. MSNUR000466 Dated: 04.02.2020 Office Memorandum-Implementation of Public Procurement {Preference to Make in India) Order, 2017 issued by DPIIT -reg
8 Ednst No. MSNUR000888 dated 05.03.2020 Office memorandum regarding predatory pricing abnrmally low bids and global tenders
9 Endst.No MSNUR 1208 dated 32.03.2020 Office memorandum- Procedures for payments for Goods/ Services to Sellers/ Service Providers in Government e-Marketplace (GeM) – through PFMS and by Non-PFMS Agencies/ Entitles (NPAE)- reg
10 Endst.No. MS/PGI/2020/MSNUR001525 dated 11.05.2020 Order from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Reg. COVID-19
11 Endst.No. MS/PGI/2020/MSNUR001540 dated 12.05.2020 Revised guidelines for Home Isolation of very mild/per-symptomatic COVID-19 cases
12 Endst.No. MS/PGI/2020/0587 dated 09.09.2020 Office memorandum-Amendment in the GFR-2017, regarding the approval for GTE (Global Tender Enquiry) from the competent authority thereof
13 Endst.No. MS/PGI/2020/MSNUR3023 dated 09.09.2020 Office memorandum regarding-Registration of suppliers on Gem under Rule 150 of General Financial Rules (GFRs 2017)
14 File No P-18011/03/2019-Environment/EPI/8007121 Dated 17.02.2021

Regarding Phasing out of Mercury added products including non-electronic measuring devices including Thermometers and Sphygmomanometers
15 Endst. No. EII(4)-PGI-2021/F-LF Dated 12.11.2021

Establishment Branch Circular
16 Endt.No.DIR000127 Dated 22.02.2022 Office memorandum regarding National Policy For Rare Diseases from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,Govt.of India.