Ø Birth defects are common, costly, and critical.

Ø Every year, about 8 million babies worldwide are born with a serious birth defect, and about 3 million of them will die before their fifth birthday.

Ø Worldwide, all countries and their populations are affected by birth defects, but the toll is particularly harsh in low- and middle-income countries. In India birth defects prevalence varies from 61 to 69.9/1000 live births

Ø Birth defects are a major cause of child mortality.

Ø Those who survive with birth defects may face a lifetime of disability. These children and adults need access to healthcare services to improve their quality of life.

Ø Many birth defects can be prevented by taking appropriate measures before and during pregnancy.

Ø Appropriate treatment and care can help many people with birth defects reach their full potential in life.

Ø There is a need to establish national surveillance systems to get accurate and up-to-date national, regional and global estimates of birth defects.

Ø There are still many questions about the causes of birth defects. We need more research to find the unknown causes of birth defects and ways to better prevent and treat them.

Ø Find out more at World birth defect site  http://www.worldbirthdefectsday.org/

II. Fact sheets 

III. Prevention of Birth defects 

IV. Awareness activities



 a.  Prevention and management of Birth defects ( English version)

 b.  Janm Dosh ka Prabandhan avum Roktham  (Hindi version)

V. Rehabilitation 

VI. Success Stories