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About this Journal

“Drug Bulletin” is quarterly journal published by department of Pharmacology, PGIMER, Chandigarh. The first issue was published in 1975. The journal is published in January, April, July and October every year. This journal contains reviews on important topics by reputed authors. The journal went online from 2013 issues onwards.

This bulletin has published a case study on “Drug Bulletin”, PGIMER in their article on “Starting or Strengthening a Drug Bulletin - A Practical Manual”

Target audience of the journal:

Medical officers in primary and secondary healthcare.






Most Recent(October-December, 2020)                                                                  


Venkatesan N, Thangaraju P, Varthya SB, Gurunthalingam MP, Venkatesan S, Thangaraju E. A tale of anti-arrhythmic drugs: A Metaphoric construct of learning pharmacology for medical students. Drug Bulletin 2020; 45: 73-80.                                                                           


Mahajan E, Medhi B. Empirical Management of STDs. Drug Bulletin 2020; 45: 81-83.            


Sharma M, Sharma AR, Singh A, Saiffuddin PK, Raja A, Medhi B. An Overview on surveillance of Biomedical Devices under Materiovigilance Program of India. Drug Bulletin 2020; 45: 84-94.                                                                                                             


July-September, 2020  


Singh A, Yadav M, Kumaravel J, Sharma AR, Mishra A, Prakash A, Medhi B. E-prescription (CPOE) in Indian hospitals: A strategy to prevent prescription errors. Drug Bulletin 2020; 45: 42-51.


Chhimpa N, Saifuddin PK, Kaur H, Sidhu SK, Puri N, Shree R. Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer’s Disease. Drug Bulletin 2020; 45: 52-63.

Venkatesan N, Thangaraju P, Varthya SB, Gurunthalingam MP, Venkatesan S, Thangaraju E. Learning pharmacology of Monoclonal Antibodies through Metaphors- Need of the hour. Drug Bulletin 2020; 45: 64-72.