The Department of Hospital Engineering & Planning of the Institute came into existence in the year 1969 and was restructured on the pattern of CPWD in the year 1983 on the recommendations of Lakshmiah Committee.

The Institute is spread over an area of 277 acre. All the hospital buildings, ancillary buildings, research blocks, support area, service area, residential colony, etc. are spread out over this area. Apart from this, the Institute has many state-of-the-art centres’ in the Institute viz AEC, ACC, APC, New OPD, DDTC, ATC, etc.

          With the passage of time, there has been a manifold increase in the scope of services undertaken by the Department which now includes maintenance of all the buildings and assets of the Institute. The Department is responsible for operation & maintenance of services such as Water Supply, Electricity, Air Conditioning, lifts, Central Boiler House and Incinerator and maintenance of hospital equipments (not on AMC/CMC) and furniture.

          The Department is also responsible for coordinating planning, architectural designing and construction of new buildings in the Institute. Horticulture and Landscaping work of the Institute is also undertaken by the department.



    The Engineering Department is headed by Er P.S. Saini, Superintending Hospital Engineer (SHE) under the guidance of Sh. Dr.B.R.Mittal, Professor In-charge Engineering(PIE). The department has sanctioned staff strength of 806 comprising of 70 Engineers, 45 Ministerial staff and Technicians at various levels. It has seven functional Engineering divisions apart from “Architecture Wing”. Thus S.H.E. office looks after 8 Engineering divisions and one Main Establishment office.






CIVIL-I DIVISION:  This division is headed by Er. Rajan Aggarwal, Hospital Engineer. Following are the responsibilities of this division-


  • Civil & Public Health maintenance of PGI Residential Campus Sector-12, All Hostels, Research Blocks ‘A’ & ‘B’,  Old Animal House, MHC Mani Majra, Transport Area.
  • 24 hour water supply to the whole Institute, Operation of Main Pump house,  Running and Maintenance of underground and over-head water storage tanks of all the buildings, Cleaning of all tanks twice a year, Maintenance of main G.I. distribution lines and main sewer lines of the Institute.
  • Monitroing & Supervision of Satellite Centre Una, Advanced Geriatric Centre and Sarangpur campus.


CIVIL-II DIVISION:   This division is headed by Dr. (Er.) Rajnish Puri, Hospital Engineer.  Following are the responsibilities of this division-


  • Civil & Public Health maintenance of Advanced Cardiac Centre, Advanced Paediatrics Centre, Advanced Eye Centre, National Institute of Nursing Education, Library, Central Workshop, Dental Block of Nehru Hospital, Kairon Block, Laundry plant, Incinerators, Swimming Pool, Lower & upper cafeteria, Welfare office near Research Block B, Guest House No.1.
  • Running & maintenance of Roads & Parking of the Institute.
  • Monitroing & Supervision of Sangrur Satellite Centre and Advanced Mother & Child Centre.


CONSTRUCTION DIVISION:  This division is headed by Er.Sushil Kumar, Hospital Engineer (CDC).  This division was primarily created for the construction of new major buildings. It is presently responsible for-


  • Running and maintenance of civil and public health services in the Nehru Hospital, Secotr-24 Campus and is supervising the ongoing work of construction of 250 bedded hospital.
  • Horticulture sub division is looking after the landscape work of the campus and has always brought laurels to the Institute by winning numerous prizes at Local and National level competitions.
  • Monitroing & Supervision of Advance Neurosciences Centre, Satellite Centre Ferozepur and Critical Care Block.


PLANNING DIVISION:  This division is headed by Er.Rajeev Bassi, Hospital Engineer (CDC). Following are the responsibilities of this division-


  • Scrutiny of preliminary estimates, detailed estimates & DNITs, forwarding for approval, comparative statements, evaluation of tenders.
  • Checking of rates/Analysis of Rates, Extra Items (EI)/ Deviation Items (DI) / Substituted Items (SI) Statements.
  • Preparing agendas for Standing Estate Committee, Standing Finance Committee, Expenditure Finance Committee meetings, Institute Body, Governing Body and Issuing Minutes of Meetings.
  • Handling of Extension of Time Limit cases, Issuing of Completion Certificates of the projects, Quality control at sites of projects and Framing of Inspection Reports.


ARCHITECTURE DIVISION: This division is headed by Ar. Trisha Chaudhary, Hospital Architect. This division plays a key role for the overall development of PGI campus.  Following are the responsibilities of this division-


  • All the renovation works of the Institute buildings
  • Scrutiny of 250 bedded hospital and other upcoming hospital buildings.


ELECTRICAL DIVISION:  This division is headed by Er. Sandeep Yakhmi, Hospital Engineer.  Following are the responsibilities of this division-


  • To provide 24 hour power supply to the various equipments pertaining to patient care services, HVAC system and other electrical gadgets in the institute.
  • Operation and Maintenance of 66 KV substation consisting of two number of 66/11KV, 12.5 MVA transformer and associated switchgears.
  • Operation and Maintenance 15  nos. of 11 KV Substation installed at various locations of the institute having  total installed capacity of 23500 KVA
  • Operation and Maintenance 30 nos. of DG sets having total capacity of 14 MVA installed at various locations of the institute.
  • Operation and maintenance of 73 nos. of Elevators of different capacities at various locations of the Institute.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Addressable and Conventional type of Fire Alarm system installed in multi-storeyed buildings of the Institute.
  • Operation and Maintenance of 695 streetlight poles of various heights.


REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING DIVISION:  This division is headed by Er. Sanjeev Sharma, Hospital Engineer.


The Prime function of the RAC Department is to provide 24x7 HVAC services to the various department of the Institute engaged in Patient Care Services.  The main responsibility of this Division is to operate and maintain the HVAC system in various blocks of PGI.


  • Operation and maintenance 10 nos. Central Air Conditioning plant with installed capacity of 9910 TR.
  • Operate and maintain 220 no. Packaged type air Conditioners and 10 no., Ductable type Air Conditioners with total installed capacity of 2500 TR.
  • Maintain 1000 no. Window Air Conditioners and 400 no. Split Air Conditioners with total installed capacity of 2200 TR (approx.).
  • Maintain 150 no. Water coolers, 350 no. Deep freezers and 815 no. Refrigerators (approx.).


BIO-MEDICAL DIVISION:  This division is headed by Er. Sanjeev Sharma, Hospital Engineer.  Following are the responsibilities of this division-


  • Repair & maintenance of various kinds of hospital equipments, equipments of Laundry plant, CSSD, etc., mechanical gadgets and furniture.
  • Provides preventive/breakdown maintenance to different types of hospital equipments including framing of specifications, technical evaluation and inspection of the equipments etc.
  • Operation and maintenance of Boilers installed at Central Boiler House, Laundry plant and APC 
  • Maintenance of Hot water supply system for Advance Cardiac Center, Advanced Trauma Centre, Main OT, etc.
  • Imparts one month academic training to the students of B.Sc (Operation Theatre Technology) of the Institute.
  • Operation and Mainteance of MGP systems.



Public Notice Dated 15th Nov 2023 PGIMER has been granted Environmental Clearance by SEIAA, Punjab for Hospital Project namely “100 bedded PGI Satellite Centre” at Village Wazidpur, Malwal and Satyewala, Tehsil &Distt. Ferozepur, Punjab


  • Mother and Child Care Centre -430 bedded
  • Neurosciences Centre – 300 bedded
  • Advanced Transplant Centre – 100 bedded
  • New OT Complex – 100 bedded
  • Advanced Mental Healthcare Centre
  • Translational Research Centre
  • School of Hospital Administration
  • School of Public Administration
  • BSL-3 Facility


Compliance report submitted to Ministry of Environmental, Forest Climate Change







We are also running a Central Complaint Center where One Junior Engineer is available 24 hour. All staff members of PGI can register their complaints on this number.

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