Citizen Charter



       ("Service to the Community, Care of the Needy and Research for the Good of all")

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh is mandated to

  • Provide high quality Patient care.
  • Attain Self-Sufficiency in postgraduate medical education and to meet the country's need for highly qualified medical teachers in all medical and surgical disciplines.
  • Provide Educational facilities for the training of personnel in all important branches of health activity.
  • Undertake Basic Community based research.
  • The Charter is a statement that acknowledges the right to health, right of self-determination, the right to information, the right to respect for privacy, the right to religious and philosophical freedom.
  • Everyone has a basic right of access to an organized and structured health care system, in which the hospital, along with other services, fulfils its own role.
  • This charter intends to provide guidelines which enables citizens to better understand:-
    • The services & facilities available in PGI,
    • The quality care & quality of services user are entitled to,
    • Complaint redressal system through which complaints regarding   denial or poor quality of service can be redressed.



            PGIMER, Chandigarh, an autonomous institution & a deemed medical university is   premier tertiary care institution of national importance. PGIMER is committed to provide high quality services & medical care (preventive, promotional, diagnostic, & therapeutic) to every citizen.

Comprehensive, best tertiary care (specialty & super specialty services) is provided here without any discrimination.  PGI staff assert that all our users receive gracious & prompt attention.


Location: PGIMER campus is located in Sector 12, Chandigarh, "The city beautiful" with main entrance on the Madhya Marg.



  • Reception for Nehru hospital is located near the main entrance. This facility provides patient friendly information like booking for sarais; forms for subsidized bus & railway passes for kidney, cardiac and cancer patients, chronic disease certificates, BPL forms.
    • Timings       8 am - 6 pm.
    • Phone        +91 172 2756566
    • Enquiry counter at the entrance of Emergency provides patient related   information, trolley facility, Ambulance related information etc., and functions round the clock
    • Phone        +91 172 2756565, +91 172 2746018


  • Enquiry counter at Advanced Trauma Centre (ATC) provides patient related information, trolley facility etc. and functions round the clock.

            Phone    +91 172 2755454

  • Enquiry counter at Advanced Pediatric centre (APC) provides patient related information and functions round the clock.
  • Enquiry counter at New OPD block provides information about various clinics, special clinics and the doctors available on various week days.
    • Timings       7.30am – 3.30 pm

            Phone        +91 172 2756868, +91 172 2756969

            Phone    +91 172 2755858


  •  Enquiry counter at Advanced Cardiac Centre (ACC) provides patient related information, private room booking information etc. and functions round the clock.


  • Enquiry counter at Advanced Eye centre (AEC) provides patient related information.

   Phone        +91 172 2755004

   Timings       7.30am – 3.30 pm

   Phone        +91 172 2755701


The following sarais are available in PGIMER for accommodation of patient relatives:

  • Nehru Sarai                 
  • Rotary Sarai                
  • Janta Sarai     
  • Hari Sarai              
  • Hans Raj  Sarai 

Hans Raj Sarai is allocated for pediatric patients. Free Transport (Shuttle) facility is available for helpless/handicapped patients from New OPD to Sarai via Nehru Hospital.



24 Hrs Ambulance Service

Reception for PGI Ambulance

Lifeline Ambulance Service

+91 172 2756565

+91 172 2748713

Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) Center, New OPD

+91 172 2756979


Blood Bank

+91 172 2756480

Body Donation Helpline

2706478, 9417552145, 9417357035 , 9464836422,  7087008201

Brain stroke Helpline


Dental Helpline / Dental Trauma Helpline


DOTS Centre, New OPD 

+91 172 2756977

Eye Bank 

+91 172 2744589

Eye Donation

+91 9814014464

Fire Control Room, Nehru Hospital 

+91 172 2756101, 2756110

Hospital Administration Control Room  

+91 172 2756668, 2756669

Integrated Counselling and Testing Center (ICTC), New OPD

+91 172 2756878 

Library Helpline


Paediatric Surgery


Sarai Service      

0172-2756168, 2756170, 2756003, 2756004, 2756197

Security Control Room, Nehru Hospital 

+91 172 2756100, 2756109

Helpline to help students in need of Psychiatric/Psychological help in emergecy

88720 36600, 88720 36700

Voluntary Counseling & Testing Centre (VCTC)

Research Block 'A' 4th Floor, Room No. 32,  0172-2756088

NEHRU HOSPITAL                          

Nehru Hospital has following facilities:

Indoors: -

  • General wards, Private wards and intensive care units.
  • 999 bed hospital which includes general wards, private wards and Intensive Care Units (ICU).
  • Five Private wards having 98 rooms. For allotment in Private Wards, after recommendation by the treating doctor, patient should contact the Medical Superintendent office. A waiting list is maintained and the private room is allotted as per the waiting list. The hospitalization charges of private room are Rs. 1200/- per day. (Inclusive of doctors visit fee and few basic investigatory and dietary charges.)
  • State-of-art diagnostic facilities like PET scan, Gamma Knife, CT scan, Spiral CT, 3T-MRI, Ultrasound, Digital X-rays, DSA, and SPECT scan.
  • Clean Labour Room (CLR) & Septic Labor Room (SLR).
  • Transplantation of Cornea, Kidneys, Liver and Heart is being done under Transplant of Human Organs Act 1994 and its subsequent amendments.
  • All in-patients receive treatment by team of Resident Doctors and Nurses, available round the clock, under the supervision and guidance of Faculty Members.
  • Waste disposal is done as per the established rules (Biomedical waste management and handling rules, 1998) and utmost care is taken to keep the premises neat and clean.
  • Every inpatient is provided with two attendant passes.
  • Visitor's timings in General Wards are from 6AM to 7AM and 6PM to 7.30PM.
  • For very poor patients, on recommendation of treating doctor, the hospital charges may be waived off by Medical Superintendent Office. Financial assistance is also available through Poor patient assistance cell, Prime Minister's Relief Fund, National Illness Assistance Fund (NIAF) and other such funds.
  • Well-established Radiotherapy Department with therapeutic services to both outpatients and indoor cancer patients.
  • Telemedicine department.
  • Food is served in the wards three times a day. Also, Tea is provided in the morning and evening.

Operation Theatres:

  • The institute has fully equipped modern operation theatres, where major and minor surgeries are performed using the latest equipment and technology.
  • For routine surgeries, the respective departments maintain waiting lists. Patients are called and operated upon as per the waiting list. But, in case of emergencies/urgencies, the out of turn surgeries are also performed, at the discretion at the treating doctors.
  • Pre-Anesthetic check up is done in PAC Room (Room No. 4014) in OPD Block before getting admitted for planned surgeries.

Intensive Care Units (ICU):

  • The hospital has fully equipped Main ICU at 2nd floor, A-Block to provide ICU care.
  • There are specialty ICUs/Centers: - Neonatal ICU, Respiratory ICU, Liver ICU, Neurosurgery ICU, Gastroenterology ICU, Bone Marrow Transplant centre, Renal transplant Centre, Advanced Urology Centre, Burns ICU.

Blood Bank:

  • A licensed Blood Bank is available in the hospital.
  • It caters to the requirements of patients.
  • The Blood Bank is also the zonal testing centre for HIV.





Paediatric Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Renal Transplant Surgery

Clinical Pharmacology

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine










Internal Medicine

General Surgery



Medical Microbiology







Nuclear Medicine


Oral Health Sciences


Transfusion Medicine






Forensic Medicine


Community Medicine

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Hospital Administration


Experimental Medicine & Biotechnology

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation





CASUALTY AND EMERGENCY SERVICES:                        

  • 150 bed Emergency Complex with comprehensive life-saving medical services to the patients under one roof. It caters to medical and surgical emergencies round the clock.
  • Diagnostic facilities like X-ray/Ultrasound/ECG, CT Scan & MRI.
  • Emergency labs for blood/urine investigations are available for casualty patients round the clock.
  • The treating doctor can call any specialist/super-specialist, which is available on call for urgent consultation as and when required.
  • Seven Emergency Operation Theatres working round-the-clock.
  • Fourteen bed post-operative recovery ward.
  • Provision for disaster handling.
  • Facilities like Wheel chairs & Patient trolleys are available at the entrance.
  • Telephone, public utilities like toilets, waiting area with Tea/Coffee/Snacks, fans, chairs etc. are available.


  • The centre provides immediate and specialized relief to trauma victims coming from the entire region.
  • It covers four main specialities i.e. Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery and General surgery.
  • 100 beds, 17 in ICU and diagnostic facilities like X-ray, CT Scan & MRI.
  • Five Emergency Operation Theatres working round-the-clock.
  • Facility of Blood Bank.
  • Facilities like Wheel chairs & Patient trolleys are available at the entrance.
  • Telephone, public utilities like toilets, waiting area with Tea/Coffee/Snacks, fans, chairs etc. are available.



Time of registration:      8.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

Time of OPD:      8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. or till the last patient is examined.


  • Five-storey building with six minor operation theatres.
  • Consultation is provided to 5500-6000 patients every day.
  • Thirty-two registration counters with separate side windows for senior citizens/freedom fighters/handicapped and females.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services under one roof.
  • Diagnostic services including laboratory and radiological investigations.
  • 112 special clinics.
  • Anti Retro-viral Therapy (ART) and Integrated counseling & Treatment center (ICTC) centre for HIV/AIDS patients.
  • A Day Care Centre
  • Pharmacy
  • Wheel chairs, Patient trolleys etc. are available free of charge at the entrance of OPD.
  • OPDs have waiting hall with chairs along with TVs, lifts, ramps and public utilities like drinking water & toilets etc. at each floor.
  • Multi storey paid parking to park vehicles.
  • Free shuttle service.

"May I help you" counters are working in the new OPD building for the help of patients.

Inquiry timings


Registration timings for OPDs and Special Clinics

8am - 11am (Monday to Friday)

8am - 10.30 am (Saturday)

Laboratory timings

8:30am - 12:30pm (Monday to Friday)

8:30am – 11.00 am (Saturday)

OPD schedule: For OPD schedule, please please  visit our website (


  • State-of-art facilities for complex and serious diseases of childhood with 282 hospital beds.
  • Highly specialized medical & surgical services including emergency and disciplines of general pediatrics, neonatology, allergy, immunology, hematology, oncology, neurology, pediatrics surgery etc.




Inquiry timings


Registration timings for OPDs and Special Clinics 

8am - 11am (Monday to Friday)

8am - 10.30 am (Saturday)


  • State-of-art facilities for Cardiology and Cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries.
  • OPD, indoors, labs like Cath, ECG, ECHO & Stress (TMT) & Holter monitoring.
  • General and private wards.
  • Four Modular Operation theatres, four Cath labs, Intensive Cardiac Care Unit & CTVS Intensive Care Unit.
  • Special clinics (Arrhythmia clinic, Heart failure clinic, Cardiac obstetrics clinic & pediatric cardiac clinic), on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00pm. 


+91 172 2755003, 2755004

Registration timings for OPD

8am - 11am (Monday to Friday)

8am - 10.30 am (Saturday)


  • State-of-art facilities to provide highest level of eye care services.
  • New advanced technologies like Optical Coherence Tomography, Heidelberg Retinal Tomography, Confocal Specular Microscopy etc.
  • All sophisticated ocular surgical procedures viz: IOL Implants for complicated cataracts, Lasik Surgery, Endoscopic DCR surgery, Laser Surgery etc are done.
  • Eye Helpline:  + 91 9814014464
  • Time of registration:      8.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. (weekdays)
  • Time of OPD:               8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. or till the last patient is examined.
  • Cafeteria, milk booths, chemist shops, PCO counters with STD facilities, Red Cross Canteens.
  • Lifts for different blocks.
  • Fee counters in all the complexes to facilitate easy payment and refunds.
  • Private room allotments counter near Fee Section in Nehru Hospital. Phone No: + 91 172 2756859
  • ATM facility
  • Bank, Post-office, facility for rail ticket reservations.
  • Shopping Complex



Emergency Lab 24 hours, all days

Routine Investigations:
   Week Days (Monday-Friday)                        8:00am-5:00pm
   Saturday                                                     8:00am-1:00pm
   Sunday                                                       closed

Collection Timing:
 Week Days (Monday-Friday)              8:00am-12:00pm (Indoor) 
                                                        8:30am-12:30pm (OPD)
 Saturday                                          8:30am-11:00am (Indoor & OPD)

            Reports are made available within the shortest possible time. Charges for various tests are displayed at the place where the tests are conducted. For poor patients, these charges can be waived partially or fully on the recommendation of the treating doctor by the Medical Superintendent.

HOSPITAL CHARGES: - For hospital charges, please  visit our website (


  • Suggestion Boxes are placed at different places in the PGI (Nehru Hospital, Emergency, APC, New OPD Block and Advanced Cardiac Centre).
  • Visitor books are kept in private wards.
  • Suggestions are regularly evaluated and implemented wherever applicable.
  • Senior Medical Officer takes care of Emergency block complaints, which includes medico-legal cases.
  • Medical Superintendent can be met between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm on all working days.
  • Following officers  can be contacted in case of a problem or a grievance:


  • Faculty Member, Hospital administration Incharge for Nehru  Hospital.
  • Faculty Member, Hospital administration Incharge for New OPD & Advanced Eye Centre
  • Faculty Member, Hospital administration Incharge for Emergency & Trauma Centre
  • Faculty Member, Hospital administration Incharge for Advanced Cardiac Centre
  • Redressal and Grievances Committee comprises of senior faculty members.



Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research,

Sector-12, Chandigarh PIN- 160 012,   INDIA.

PGIMER website


 PHONE                      EPBAX:           +91-172-2747585
                                 Fax:               +91-172-2744401, 2745078