Advanced Pediatrics Centre

The concept and vision of advance pediatric centre was based on the objective that it should provide not only high quality state of the art specialized Pediatric care to children affected by serious diseases, but also provide models of community based health services to the rural poor. This apex multi specialty institute is one of its kind in the country.

          A 300 bedded Advanced Pediatric Centre sanctioned exclusively for the care of children has been setup with the following objectives.

1. To provide high quality treatment for complex and serious diseases affecting children.

2. To train pediatricians in super specialties of pediatrics.

3. To conduct research in diseases and problems prevalent in developing countries of tropical region.

4. To establish models of delivery of health care in the community and to work for and support the national programmes related to child survival in the community.



Advanced Paediatric CentreIt has department of pediatrics with its specialties and department of pediatric surgery as its main constituents. There are specialties of Neonatology, Allergy & Clinical immunology, Pediatics Intensive cure, Pediatric Pulmonology, Haematology and Oncology, Neuro Development unit, Clinical Genetics, Physical anthropology, Child psychology and Community Pediatrics.



  Advanced Paediatric Centre

 Service & Research Laboratories: Routine haematology, micro chemistry and radiology are available in the APC. Many laboratories like genetics, allergy and clinical immunology and haematology are existing. The centre also has facility for lung function testing and bronchoscopy. Many specialised services are being provided. More than 5000 blood transfusions are given  to children with thalassemia with the help of thalassemic children welfare association, a voluntary organization run by parents of thalassemic children.