Ref No & Date



Director, PGIMER


Mr Satish Sharma, Junior Laboratory Technician, Department of Cytology,PGIMER Chandigarh is herby transferred and posted in department of Advance Paediatric Centre(Biochemistry lab).

2.Administrative Officer

Endst No. EII(2)-PGI-2018-F-21 dated 14.12.2018

Transfer Orders
3.Sr Administrative OfficerEnd st. No. Ell (2)-PGI-20 18-F -21 (Trf.) dated 12.11.2018Transfer Order of Ms. Sonal Sangwan, Laboratory Technician
4.Director, PGIMEREndst. No.EII(2)-PGI-2018-F-21 dated 27.10.2018Transfer Order of Ms. Nitasha Kaundal, JLT
5.Director, PGIMEREndst. No. EII(1)-PGI-2019/F-19 dated 11.01.2019Transer order of Ms. Surekha Sharma, UDC.
6.Director, PGIMEREndst. No. EII(1)-PGI-2019/F-19 dated 28.01.2019Various Transfer Orders of Private Assistants & Stenographers.
7.Director, PGIMEREndst. No. EII(2)-PGI-2019/F-19 dated 05.02.2019Transer order of Sh. Mahipal Rana, Assistant.
8.Director, PGIMEREndst. No. PGI/MA/2019/F-022 dated 07.02.2019Transfer Orders of Sh. Nikhil, LDC (Outsourced).
9.Director, PGIMEREndst. No. EII(2)/2019/F-TA-149 dated 25.03.2019Transfer orders of Sh. Yogesh Sharma Technical Assistant(Lab)
10.Director, PGIMEREndst. No. PGI/EII(2)/2019/F-21 dated 13.07.2019Transfer Order of Mr. Manish Verma, JLT
11.Director, PGIMEREndst. No. PGI/MA/2019/F-021 dated 25.07.2019Transfer Order of Mr. Ravinder Kumar Jaiswal and Deepak Verma
 Director, PGIMEREndst. No. EII(2)/2019/F21 dated 14.08.2019Dr. surinder kumar sharma, SLT and Mr. ravindra kumar jaiswal, JLT