In partial modification to the office order issued vide Endst. No. E3/PGI/2016/000202 dated 24.05.2016, the Modernization of Nehru Hospital, consisting of the following is hereby reconstituted with immediate effect:


1.     Prof. R.K. Sharma, Head, Deptt. of Plastic Surgery          :    Chairman
2.     Prof. Savita Kumari, Head, Deptt. of Internal Medicine /  :    Member
3.    Prof. N. Khandelwal, Head, Deptt. of Radiodiganosis/       :    Member
4.    Prof. Ajit Avasthi, Head, Deptt. of  Psychiatry/                 :     Member
5.    Prof. Arunanshu Behera, Deptt. of General Surgery          :      Member
6.    Prof. Vanita Suri, Head, Deptt. of Obst. & Gynae/            :    Member
7.    Prof. B.R. Mittal, Head, Deptt. of Nuclear Medicine           :    Member
8.    Prof. S.K. Gupta, Head, Deptt. of Neurosurgery/              :     Member
9.    Prof. H.S. Kohli, Deptt. of Nephrology                             :    Member
10.  Represeniative of Medical Superintendent                      :    Member
11.  Hospital Engineers (Biomedical, Electrical),                     :    Member
      RAC & Planning)
12.  Hospital Architect/Assistant Architect                              :    Member
13.  A.E. (Project)                                                              :    Member
14.  Representative of NBCC                                               :    Member
15. Hosptial Engineer (Construction)                                    :    Convener

No Business shall be transacted at the meeting unless 2/3rd of the total member (Including Chairman) are present.

                                                                                         D I R E C T O R
                                                                                        PGIMER, Chandigarh.
Endst. No. E3/PGI/2017/Commbra000345                        Dated:10.04.2016