In supersession of this office order Endst. No. E3/PGI/2015/373-379 dated 17.03.2015, a Committee consisting of the following members is hereby constituted to develop the Bio-Banking of the Institute, with immediate effect:

1. Dr. A.K. Mandal, Prof., & Head, Deptt. of Urology  
:       Chairman                   
2. Dr. Arunaloke Chakrabarti, Prof., & Head, Deptt, of Medical Microbiology.
:       Member
3. Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Professor, Deptt. of General Surgery:       Member
4. Dr. Pankaj Malhotra, Professor, Deptt. of Internal Medicine:       Member
5. Dr. Jayashree, Professor, Deptt. of Pediatrics 
:       Member
6. Dr. Sanjay Bhadada, Additional Professor, Deptt. of Endocrinology:       Member
7. Dr. Ritambra Nada, Professor, Deptt. of Histopathology
:        Convener

No Business shall be transacted at the meeting unless 2/3rd of the total member (Including Chairman) are Present.

                                                                                                           D I R E C T O R

                                                                                                         PGIMER, Chandigarh.

    Endst. No. E3/PGI/2016/000580                                                              Dated:15.10.2016