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List of subscribed e-books to which the access is restricted.

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1. Textbook of radiation oncology/leibel & Phillips

2. Otolaryngology: head and neck surgery/cummings

3. Bibbo Comprehensive Cytopathology, 3rd Edition

4. Ashcraft's Pediatric Surgery, 5th Edition

5. Finkbeiner Autopsy Pathology: A Manual and Atlas, 2nd Edition

6. Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice, Eighth by Polit

7. Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing: Theory and Application,6th ed

8. Anatomy and physiology in health illness

9. Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics 13E

10. Thompson & Thompson's Genetics in Medicine 7E

11. Sternberg's Diagnostic Pathology, 5th edition

12. Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease 8E

13. Textbook of Medical Physiology 11E

14. Diagnostic Ultrasound, 2-Volume Set, 4th Edition (for video only)

15. Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry

16. Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast Hall-Findlay

17. Rutherford's Vascular Surgery

18. Maternal and Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing and Childrearing Family

19. Infectious Diseases of the Fetus and Newborn by Remington

20. Current Surgical Therapy BY CAMERON

21. Endovascular Surgery BY Moore

22. Cox Radiation Oncology: Rationale, Technique, Results, 9th Edition

23. Green's Operative Hand Surgery, 6th Edition

24. Rockwood The Shoulder, 4th Edition

25. De Groot Endocinology

26. Glenn's Urologic Surgery, 7th edition

27.Merritts Neurology

28. Kaplan & Sadock's Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, 9th edition

29. Rockwood and Wilkins' Fractures in Children, 7th edition

30. Rockwood and Green's Fractures in Adults, 7th edition