Dr.Tulsi Das Library, PGIMER, Chandigarh

About the Library



The Institute Library plays a significant role to serve the faculty members, residents, research fellows, staff and students in satisfying their needs and providing them with modern technological related library services. It remains open on all days including Sundays, holidays to serve readers with its rich collection of Books, Current Journals, and Back volumes of Journals, Theses, Videocassettes and CD-ROMs. It is computerized and automation includes Circulation Section, Periodical Section and Book section. The Institute Library is equipped with 3M (RFID) detection system and is under electronic Surveillance that helps ensure no reader takes library material without being checked out. The important component of the library is its uninterrupted power supply for the convenience of its valued patrons by installing the DG Set exclusively for the library. Recently the Library has installed RFID Self-Checkout System. The distinctive feature of the library is Open Access System with single search platform named "RemoteXs" for all the members of the library.




The Library opens for 358 days

Regular Days


Closed on Holidays

Monday to Sunday


9.30 AM -6:00 AM


Library will remain closed

on 7 Public Holidays

  • 26th January
  • 15th August
  • 2nd October
  • Holi
  • Diwali
  • Guru Nanak Birth Day
  • Christmas










          N.P.: Library will be closed on Janamashtami after 5:00 p.m.

          The reading room is kept open for 24 hours on all days except above holidays.           




  • BRITISH LIBRARY: The institute library is a member of British library and allows its clientele to make use of the services rendered by the British library may be it is Inter-library loan, access to e-resources, document delivery services and so on.
  • DELNET: DELNET membership of institute library provides access to Full text-Medical articles that are not available in the library. The full form of DELNET is Developing Library Network at New Delhi. Website: http://delnet.nic.in
  •  ERMED CONSORTIA: ERMED is Consortium of E-Journals resources developed by Director General of Heath Services (DGHS) & Ministry of Health & Family welfare in collaboration with National Medical Library, Delhi. It is a nationwide electronic information consortium in the field of medicine for delivering effective health care for all. The ERMED resources can be searched and browsed through a versatile search platform www.nmlermed.in.



Supporting Research

  SPSS: SPSS Statistics Software Package is available in the library premises for statistical analysis, analyzing large  complex data sets easily and efficiently enhancing the  research scholars of the institute.

 Turnitin: The Anti-Plagiarism Software  The Institute library is subscribing to the anti-plagiarism software for the convenience of its valued users to produce authenticated and original research work.Turnitin is Internet based software to check the duplicacy of another’s work, stealing or copying,”wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and Publications “of another author’s work may be it in the form of ideas, thoughts, language and so on.  

Value Added Services

The library operates in fully computerized environment. The library catalogue is available online (OPAC/Web OPAC). The RFID-based technology enables users to self - checkout their own books. In addition to lending services, Some Value Added services in the library are being rendered to its users i.e. Reprography Service, Scanning, Coloured Printing, CD-Writer service and the other is Image/Text scanner.  It also provides Internet, Wi-Fi and CD-ROM browsing service to all the readers on all working days.

Reprography Service: Library material can be photocopied on payment basis. The Library offers black & white and coloured photocopying and printing up to A-3 size.

Scanning: Scanning services are available in the institute library on payment of Rs.10/- per scan.

Coloured Printing: The coloured printing and double sided printing is available in the institute library on payment basis.



Going by the technological innovations, PGIMER Library has introduced various new ideas keeping in mind the needs of the users with the aim of benefitting doctors and other medical professionals. The library keeps on working on projects or programs that enhance the information delivery to its end users providing them with easy access to information through single search platform for searching Electronic journals/Books and other databases named "REMOTEXS

LibSys 7 is integrated multiuser library management software.

The Library uses Libsys for its inhouse management  i.e. automation of various library operations  like Acquisition, Cataloguing, Classification, Circulation and serial module to receive loose issues, binding etc.


RFID: The Institute Library is equipped with 3M (RFID) detection system that helps ensure that no reader takes library material without being checked out. Recently the Library has installed an RFID self-checkout system and RFID workstation in the institute library at circulation and with gates at entry as theft detection system.

 Wi-Fi: The Institute library offers Free unlimited wifi for its readers. One can log onto laptop, iPad or smart phone through the internet using Wi-Fi.

 CCTV: The different floors of the Institute library are under the Electronic surveillance.