Amalgamated Fund Committee


Office Order regarding Anti-Ragging Squad

office order regarding Anti-Ragging Committee

office order dated 10-8-18 regarding Dusty Roster and Anti-Ragging Squad

office order dated 10-8-18 regarding The Monitoring Cell

Office Order dated 13-10-2018 regarding Duty Roster and Anti Ragging Squads

Office Order dated 18.12.18 regarding Duty Roster and Anti-ragging Squad

Office Order dated 20.06.2019 regarding Duty Roster and Anti-Ragging Squad

Office Order dated 21.08.2019 regarding Duty Roster of Anti-Ragging Squad

Office Order dated 04.11.2019 regarding Duty Roster of Anti-Ragging Squad

Office Order dated 08.01.2020 regarding Duty Roster of Anti-Ragging Squad

Committees for Anti Ragging


Auction Committee for auction of condemned material etc


Cadre Anomaly Committee


Inspection of Chemical and Glassware Committee


Collaborative Research Committee for Collaboration of Research between PGIMER and other Institutions


Committee for approval of poor free treatment for patients for Gamma Knife


Committee for the auction of Duplicate Journals


Committee namely CTC-A (for equipment costing Rs. 50 lakh and above)


Committee namely CTC-B (for equipment costing Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs)


Committee namely CTC-C (Basic Sciences) (for equipments costing Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 15 Lakhs)


Committee namely CTC-C (Medical Specialities +  Services for equipments costing Rs. 1.00 lac to Rs. 15.00 Lac)


Committee namely CTC-C (Surgical Specialties) (for equipments costing Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 15 Lakhs)


Committee to assess the user requirements and further regular monitoring of the work of expansion of Nehru Hospital sanctioned by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi


Committee to certify the penurious conditions of the applicant for compassionate appointment


Committee to consider the proposal of receiving equipment on donation or free of cost installation for trials by various firms/companies etc.


Committee to examine internal complaints under sectrion 4(1) of sexual harassment of women at work places (Preventation, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013

office order issued vide Endst No. E3/PGI/2018/commbra000096 dated 20.01.2018, the Administrative officer ( welfare) will Act as convener of the Committee to examine the Internal complaint, under Section 4(1) or sexual Harassment to woman at Workplace ( Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal,Act 2013


Committee to finalize the space allocation and its utilization in the Nehru Hospital and Research Block 'A' and 'B'


Committee to fix up priorities of various works to be executed in the Institute


Committee to give suggestions and strategies by which the infrastructure facilities and the quality of medical care provided in the PGI can be improved for the benefit of general public


Committee to look into the utilization of equipments costing more than Rs. 10 lac in various Departments


Committee to monitor facilities provided to Safai Karamcharis/Sanitary Attendants


Committee to monitor the functioning of Emergency Services & Advanced Trauma Centre


Committee to Monitor/Evaluate projects on Stem Cell Research


Committee to look into the grievances of the Assistant Professors and give recommendations


Data Safety Management Committee to monitor the clinical drug trials being executed at the Institute and also to look into the Serious Adverse Events coming out of these clinical drug trials


Dispensary Store Committee


DPC/Selection Committee for Nursing Staff


Selection Committee for Group 'C' Ministerial Staff and other Miscellaneous Staff


DPC/Selection Committee for Group 'B and 'C' Staff working as Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists


DPC/Selection Committee for Tenure Posts of Senior Residents, Demonstrators and Senior Medical Officers and other Group 'B' Teaching/Paramedical Posts


Drug/Drug Trials Committee


Education Committee


Employee's Uniforms Committee


Employees Welfare Canteen Management Committee


Employees Welfare Committee


Estate Committee (Commerical)


Estate Committee (House Allotment)


Institute Animals Ethics Committee


Furniture Store Committee


Green and Clean Committee


Higher Condemnation Board for Nehru Hospital/NEW OPD/APC/AEC/NINE/Library and other departments located in Kairon Block, Research Block 'A' and 'B', Animal House, Cafeteria, Hostels, Engineering Department, Laundry and other Departments for items above Rs. 50,000/-


Hospital Infection Control Committee


Hospital Management Board Committee


Hospital Transfusion Committee


Institute Ethics Committee



Institute Function Committee


Institute Mess Committee


Institute Purchase Committee (Rs. 5 lacs to Rs. 25 lacs)


Institute Sports Committee


Institutional (Intramural) and Ethical Committee


Institutional Biosafety Committee


Institutional Cultural Committee


Internal Screening Committee to assist the Review Committee to consider cases of pre-mature retirement of the Institute Employees covered by FR 56 (j) or Rule 48 of the CCS (Pension) Rules or CSR 459 (h)


International Conference Committee


Library Committee


Linen Store Committee


Local Standing Purchase Committee (Engineering Department)


Lower Condemnation Board upto Rs. 50,000/-


Management Committee for the Working Women's Hostel


Medical Grievances Committee


Medical Records Committee


Monitoring Committee to monitor the work of Hospital Computerization Project hitherto being looked after by the steering committee Computerization implementation Committee


Operation Theatre Management Committee


Poor patients Fund Allotment Committee


Radiation Protection Committee


Review Committee to review cases of pre-mature retirement of the Institute Employees covered by FR 56 (j) or Rule 48 of the CCS (Pension) Rules or CSR 459 (h)


Sanitation Store Committee


Screening Committee under Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) for Group 'C' Posts under the control of Supe-intending Hospital Engineer


Screening Committee under Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) for Group 'B' & 'C' Posts under the control of Medical Superintendent


Screening Committee under Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) for Group 'A' (Non -Teaching) Posts, Group 'B' posts (except posts under control of Medical Superintendent) and Group 'C' posts (except those under control of Medical Superintendent and Superintending Hospital Engineer)


Scrutiny Committee to scrutinize the applications for Group 'A' Posts


Scrutiny Committee to scrutinize the applications in respect of Group 'B' posts for Direct Recruitment


Selection Committee for filling up adhoc Assistant Professors


Selection Committee for Group 'A' (Non-Teaching) posts on ad hoc basis


Special Medical Board for issue of disability Certificate to patients


Inspection of Stationery Store Committee


Surgical Store Committee


DPC Committee for Group 'B' posts (Except Para-Medical Staff)


Committee to look into the pending engineering works of the Institute

81.Commitee to look manpower requirement and modalities to outsource the services of collecting the samples, taking the samples to the concerned Laboratory and collecting the reports from these Laboratories for the common collection centre
82.Committee to work out a mechanism of mentoring district hospitals which could then act as a gatekeeper for patients and encourage only referral
83.Committe to make recommendations for upcoming construction of Nehru Hospital Extension near Old Nuresery/Nivedita Hostel

Committee for construction, operation and maintenance of 5 No. Toilet Blocks on Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis at various locations in PGIMER, Chandigarh

85.Committee to finalize the technical and financial modalities to have Biometric attendance and security with CCTV for the staff working in different branches housed in Kairon Block and Examination Cell
86.Special CTC for Equipment Purchase for the Department of Orthopedics
87.Special CTC for Equipmnet Purchase for the Department of Cardiology
88.Committee to finalize the vision 2020 of the PGIMER Chandigarh
89.Dispute Redressal Committee
90.Committee for Setting up of Temporary OPD, Guest House and Boundary Wall for proposed PGI Satellite Center at Sangrur, Punjab
91.Quick Response Cell which would serve as one stop window for the abused (Physical/Sexual) Woman and Children, such quick response cell would facilitate for getting the FIR registered, preparing MLR, getting FSL report etc.
92.Committee for the inspection of various commercial sites/shops in the ACC/AEC/New OPD/Area in front of AEC
93.Committee to visit the Ferozepur cantonment area to identify the suitable land for the provision of 100 bedded hospital as a satellite centre of PGIMER
94. Commitee for Creation of 360 degree Interactive Virtual Tour
 Commitee to  prepare and evaluate the EOI for WiFi facility in PGIMER Campus
Committee to Frame Policy to provide HMIS Access for mortality data and to Provide acess of lab Investigation results for compiling L-Form under Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP)
97.Committee to start E-Tendering in Engineering and estate using on a trial baisis for implementation of Internet based Electronic Tendering in PGI
98.Committee to frame a travel policy in the Institute
99.Committee to frame the document for calling EOI/RFP for selection of agencies for calculating the delivery of various services
100Committee to prepare and call EOI for starting prepaid card services in Department of Radiodaignosis and Advance Eye Centre

Committee to  set up of own Pharmacy in the Institute and delibrate on the SOPs provided by SGPGI, Lucknow, CMC Vellore and make SOP after considering the Institute's requirements for setting up of own Pharmacy

102Committee for Food Quality in various Cafeterias/Canteens and eatery outlets in PGI premises
103Consultant Evaluation Committee for the work comprehensive planning and design consultancy for replacement of Air-cooling System with air conditioning system (HVAC) in New OPD block PGI Chandigarh
104Monitoring committee for replacement of Air-cooling System with airconditioning system (HVAC) in New OPD block PGI Chandigarh
105Committee to examine the proposal for running the Swimming Pool
106Committee for implementing Online Registration System
107Committee to Formulate the Guidelines to Control Hospital Infection in Care Units of the Institute
108Committee to coordinate the TB Control activity in the Institute
109Special Committee for O.T. Table of the Institute
110Committee for sale of Old records/ date register/ files to the recycling agency
111Committee of the progress of Movies (Documentary Movie, Drama Documentary and Animation) on Organ donation
112Committee of the Separate Lower Condemnation Board for Engineering Department
113Committee to review the existing procedures for the various recruitment, written tests and suggest new measures to prevent access of candidate's information to unauthorised person
114Committee to formulate the specification, oversee the renovation of mortuary in Nehru Hospital on turn key basis
115Committee to frame a policy and suitable guidelines for prescribing chemotherapy
116Committee to achieve objectives of Kaya Kalp Scheme
117Committee to have an interaction regarding Dr. Nandita Bachhawat as examiner
118Committee to propose the design and make specs to improve the identity card
119Committee  to hire a consultant to advice the institute on managing and streamlining patients inflow and load in OPD, Emergency and Trauma Centre
120Committee to call the Expression of Interest (EOI) for flats/accommodation for faculty/staff at New Chandigarh
121Committee to Monitor the HVAC work in Main Operation Theatres of the Nehru Hospital
122Committee constituted to work out the proposal for New OT complex at the Institute
123Committee to constituted to redress the service related grievances of the employees
124Committee to look into the issues related to implementation and acceptance of HMIS (Hospital Management Information System) software in Sangrur Satellite Centre OPD
125Trauma Operationalization Committee
Committee constituted to  make strandard operating procedure for handing over of PGI houses in Sector 12 and 24, Chandigarh
127Committee constituted to look into the feasibility, scope and requirments for making the institute paperless
128Committee for framing the Data Access Policy of the Institute
129Committee to look into the procurement of HW/SW Infrastructure of Data Centre
130Committee for operationalization of Pharmacy
131Committee constituted for making the guidelines to provide hospital service to the haemophilia patients
132Committee constituted for purchase of CCTV cameras in Sanjeevni Hostel
133Committee constituted for the eligibility/legal clearance/ACR’s Dossiers of all the DPC Memos of Group ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ for grant of Promotion/MACP/Confirmation before approval from the competent authority
134Scrutiny Committee to Scrutinize the applications in respect of Group ‘C’ Non-Technical Posts
135Departmental Screening Committee to grant the benefit of Confirmations/ACP/Promotion to the eligible employees of the Engineering Department
135Committee for Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)
136Committee to decide the provisioning of Internet access, computer, Printer, Licensed Software, Internet Bandwidth in the Institute and the grant from which the expenditure would be met out
137Commitee to  prepare and evaluate the Tender for WiFi facility in PGIMER Campus
138Committee constituted for amending the PGI Act/byelaws etc. for making delegation of powers
139Committee constituted for Inspection of Various Commercial Sites/Shop in the PGI premises
140Committee Constitued for Design and Development of New Web Portal of PGIMER
141Committee consisting of the following members is hereby constituted for task of approval of Master plan of PGI in co- ordination with U.T. Administration Chandigarh and the HSCC
142Committee constituted  to examine multiple written complaints received against Mrs. Natasha, Library Attendant for her irresponsible behaviour
143Committee constituted to look into the problem regarding the maintenance of temperature in the mortuary
144Committee constituted to look into and manage the affairs in respect of Satellite Centre Sangrur with immediate effect
145Committee constituted to implement the minutes  and work out the modalities pertaining to prize money of kayakalp received by the Institute
146Committee constituted to develop the Bio-Banking of the Institute
147Committee constituted to make the proposed Centre at Ferozepur functional/operational on pilot basis, wherein immediate services could be provided to the people of that area

Committee consistited for Implementation of the Data Stewardship Policy in the Institute


Committee constituted to monitor the various works of Special Repair/Renovation of Advanced Trauma Centre (ATC), PGIMER, Chandigarh

150Committee constituted to monitor the demolition of Old Sarai and Shopping Complex, behind Dental Block, PGIMER, Chandigarh
151Committee Consituted for engaging consultant for work of Construction of new Multi level Parking and creating Connecting Passage to New OPD and to technically evaluate the presentations pertaining to experience, technical capacity about successful completion of assignments and financial capacity
152Committee constituted for the pre-bid, technical/financial evaluation of tender and appointment of Consultant for the Construction of New Operation Theatre Complex in the Institute
153Committee constituted for work out the certain areas and modules wherein training on stress management can be provided to employess and faculty members of our Institute
154Committee constituted to simplify the procedures (within the ambit of rules) resulting in inordinate delay and causing inconvenience to patients at time and resulting in otherwise avoidable financial losses
155A Committee  constituted to examine and take a holistic view on the issue of devising a system in the Institute to ensure and provide the reasonably priced and quality oriented orthopaedic implants are provided within the hospital for the benefit of patients

Constitution of Medical Board for Group - A and B, Jr. Residents & Trainees and Group-C & D employees

157High Powered Committee to look into the grievances of the employees of PGIMER
158Committee constituted  for Identification of posts for Person with disability (PWD)
159Hospital Charges Committee
160Committee constituted for CTC for procurement of equipments for Satellite Centre at Sangrur 
161Committee constituted forModernization of Nehru Hospital
162Committee constituted for Public Grievance Redressal
163Committee constituted for the  optimum utilization of theatres beyond main OT, while the repair and air conditioning of main OT is going on
164committee constituted for all works related to Computerization of Training Branch
165Committee to deal with the suspected cases related to Dengue, Chikunguniya and Zika infections reported at the Institute
166Committee  to supervise the pending issues in HIS and prepare guidelines for its smooth functioning
167Committee to enquire into mismatch of accounts with the SBI & in Cash Book
168Committee to examine a 10-year-old rape victim to ascertain if her 30-week-old pregnancy can be terminated
169DPC for the Selection for Group 'A' (Non-Teaching) posts on deputation basis
170Committee to suggest a consolidated proposal for suitable seating arrangement for various branches working in the Kairon Block
171Committee for allotment of office space to the faculty of Group ‘A’ Surgical Department
172Committee for training to the fresh/newly recruited faculty members regarding patient management, queue management, behavioural skills and knowledge of Service Rules and CCS CCA Rules
173Committee for Evaluation of executing agency to evaluate technical and financial proposal, negotiations and final selection of the CPSU for the work of Comprehensive Planning, Designing, Construction & Commissioning; including maintenance during defect liability period of the Advanced Neurosciences Centre at PGIMER, Chandigarh
174Core/Advisory Committee for assisting the Director
175Committee for retention of record of CCTV Footages of cameras installed at entrance of Advanced Eye Centre, Kairon Block and Nehru Hospital Fee Section in the form of DVD/CD
176Committee for Animal House
177Committee to advice the modalities to promote and facilitate research in the Institute and give suggestion for smooth running of the existing projects and to encourage new research areas including collaboration with other organization
178Committee to identify space, workout modalities for providing facilities/Food for patients attendant and explore the possibilities of making arrangements for Breakfast, Lunch & if possible Dinner
179Committee for setting up of skill Centres for training in National Emergency Life Support of Doctors, Nurses and Pre- Hospital Emergnecy Life Support Course, Basic Life Supports Course of Para-Medical Personnel
180Committee to discuss the Modules for HVAC, Modular OT.’s. Medical Gas Pipline work and Pneumatic Delivery System for the work of construction of 250 bedded Hospital (Expansion of Nehru Hospital) at PGIMER, Chandigarh
181Committee to prepare tender specifications and to procure Internet Leased Line for Main Data Center (MDC)
182A sub-committee for Medical Grievances constituted  to examine the legal notice Served by Mr. Om parkash verma, R/o House Near Narbadeshwar Mandir, Town, P.O & Tehsil-Sujanpur Tira, Distt. Hamirpur(Himachal Pradesh) regarding the death of his wife Mrs. Lata Verma
183Committee to examine the matter of employees who are beneficiaries of the pension scheme applicable w.e.f. 12.09.1975, those employees retired from the services of the Institute. The committee will further examine the issue of the employees Provident Fund and miscellaneous provision found as applicable to the contract employees of the Institute who are under the service contract with the contractor
184Committee to  look into the issue of voluminous amount of files/other records stored at the basement of the APC
185Direct Recruitment for Group B and 'C' Staff - Lab Technicians (Laboratory, X-Ray, Radiotherapy, Anaesthesia, O.T. Technician, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Dental Technician/DORA, ENT and Ophthalmic Technician, Dark Rom Assistants, Telephone Operator, Plaster Technician etc., upto the level of Technical Assistant)
186Selection Committee for Group 'B' posts (Except Para-Medical Staff)
187Committee to Scrutinize the application in respect of Group ‘B’ posts(on deputation basis)
188Committee to recommend and regularize the process of various Research Grants, unspent balance of funds (Research and Clinical Drug Trials etc.) for which funds are lying in the Research Grant Cell
189Committee to Supervise the Management of day-to-day affairs and to suggest measures to improve the services of the Emergency Complex and Advanced Trauma Centre
190Committee to look into various engineering issues relating to the Maintenance of Institute’s accommodation in Sector-12 and Sector-24, Chandigarh
191Committee consisting to ensure smooth running of the Amrit Pharmacy & to improve its day to day efficiency for the benefits of patients
192A spot committee constituted to finalise the vendor and make Smart Identity Cards
193Committee to look into the issues raised by the faculty of the Advance Cardiology Centre to ensure good functioning of the department
194Surgical Inspection Committee
195Committee to frame a comprehensive policy for efficient functioning of sterilization services in various departments and operation theaters of the institute alongwith procurement, operation and maintenance of sterilizers
196Committee to discuss the issues pertaining to discounts/benefits to the Institute's faculty and other staff frequently travelling to places in India and abroad for their research and academic activities with Govt. Agencies/Airlines
197Committee for evaluation of executing agency for the pre-bid, presentation, technical/financial evaluation of tenders, negotiation, advertisement of RFP document and final selection of the CPSU for the work of comprehensive planning, designing, construction and commissioning including maintenance during defect liability period of Advanced Mother and Child Centre at PGIMER
198Committee consituted to look into the matter regarding complaints made by the PGI Employees Union dated 27.11.2017 about Dr Ashis Bhalla
199Committee constituted to complete the peer assessment of JIPMER,  puducherry  with respect to  Kayakalp  Award Scheme 2017-18
200Committee for utilization of grant provided by M/s Swaraj Engines Ltd. to expedite procurement of life saving equipment for Development of APC
201Committee to interact and monitor for breast cancer impact bond by KOIS invest
202Committee to develop guidelines of Plagiarism by faculty/resident/other researchers
203Committee to make guidelines for orientation of newly recruited as well as already working residents in the institute about ethical values and behaviour with the patients and their relatives
204Committee to monitor the management of Biomedical Waste of the Institute
205Committee  to look into the overall functionality of the clinical drug trial (Phase1)
206Departmental Promotion Committee for considering the promotion of Goup A (Non teaching posts)
207Committee to to examine the matter regarding Increasing of fleet/drivers of the vehicles provided by NGO and to adopt a poiicy decision Where these services of providing
ambulances are available at odd hours on rotation amongst various NGO's
208A fact finding committee to examine the complaint made by Association of Paramedical Students against Mr. Karan, and Mr. Nishant Thakur (Contract Employees), Department of
209Committee to examine the issue regarding withdrawing· of Rs.48(00,000/- by M/s Sunrise .
Teleshopping fraudulently from the main grant Account No.10413583829 of the Institute. at State Bank of India, Medical tnstitute Branch, Sector 12, PGIMER, Chandigarh
210Committee to furnish views on the various provision of the National Medical Commission Bill, 2017
211Committee for improving, strengthening and streamlining the services at Sample Collection Centre, New OPD
212Committee constituted to examine the matter regarding nomenclature of the Department of community medicine
213Committee constituted to look into the grievances of Differently Abled Employees
214Committee reconstituted to prepare clear cut job charter for all employees of the Institute especially Nursing, Hospital Attendants, Sanitary Attendants etc. by taking help from ARD to avoid any conflict at working places
215Committee to establish Boimedical & Generic Research Consortium
216Committee to Establish an oncology Research Center and Consortium
217Committee to look intp various aspects on the Medical Facilities being facilated to the employees of the Institutes 
218Committee constituted for monitoring  for  the work of Comprehensive Planning, Designing Construction and Commissioning including maintenance during defect liability period of Advanced Neurosciences Centre at PGIMER, Chandigarh
219Committee Constituted for the Selection of Staff of various categories under the Regional Virus Research Diagnostic Laboratory Under DHR, Govt. of India and approval of Recruitment Rules
220Committee to facilate the renovation/ construction and commissioning of BSL3 labortary faclity onTurnkey basis in the department of virology
221Non-Plan Purchase Committee
222committee constituted to deliberate upon the issue of working out the exact payment to be made for task 4 relating to computerization project.
223A Committee  constituted to find out sequence of events, Late. Smt. Sudesh Gupta (expired on 09.07.2018) mother of Hon'ble Justice Rajan Gupta, Punjab and Haryana High Court regarding parameters/vitals recorded in the CCU monitor, drugs/Injections administered to her and the treatment given to her during her stay in the CCU
224A committee  constituted to look into the issues related to Staff Beneficiary in order to facilities in a time bound manner ideally on the same day such as dependency affidavits, Prescription of Medicines to staff & their dependents, Providing drugs / Medicine from dispensary / local purchase, possibilites for exploring of Stents / implants / IOL etc. from Amrit Pharmacy on a credit basis for the Staff members.
225Committee constituted for the implementation of suo- Motu disclosure
226In pursuance to  the Judgment of the Hon’ble  Supreme Court of India dated 08.5.2009 in Civil Appeal No. 887/2009 and para 6.4.2 under heading “Setting up of committees and their functions” of the Medical Council of India ( Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in Medical College / Institutions) Regulation, 2009, the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh has constituted the Monitoring Cell under the direct control of sub-Dean(Academics) with Senior Administrative officer (Training ) and one clerical staff (to be deputed by DDA). The Monitoring Cell will function from the office of Senior Administrative officer (Training), Training Branch, Kairon Block PGIMER, Chandigarh -160012 (Tel. No. 0172-2755560). The Monitoring Cell will function as per the provisions laid down in the above regulations.
227A sub- committee to work out the infrastructure and financial requirement for starting the MBBS course at PGIMER, Chandigarh, constituted vide office order issued under Endst. No. E3/PGI/2017/commbra000187 dated 15.02.2017 is hereby abolished
228committee to advice the modalities to promote and facilitate research in the Institute and give suggestion for smooth running of the existing projects and to encourage new research areas including collaboration with other organization
229Committee to conduct an enquiry affixing responsibility of the office/ offical responsible for denial and obstruction of information, thereby violating provisions of the RTI Act in case of death of Master yash Arora due to alleged medical negligence in liver transplant surgery performed at Medanta Hospital Gurgaon
230Committee of biomedical instruments and devices hub
231Committee to Visit AIIMS, Raebareli to find out modalities to start MBBS course at AIIMS Raebareli
232Committee to iook into the reasons of fire and suggest remedial measures
Committee to assess the loss of material and equipments, disruption of services and immeditate revival of service by making the operation theatres in Emergency functional
Committee to prepare a self explanatory agenda in the ensuing meeting of the Governing Body/Institute Body for deliberation to reduce the number of patient in OPDs and Emergency and ATC by capping number in registration
235Committee regarding the mechanism for regulation of rates of medcine, system reflecting as to how MRPs are decided and to look into the issue of generic and branded and other allied issues like uniformity of rates etc
236Committee to look into the issues raised by departments regarding execution of works (above Rs. 50,000) under the administrative approval and expenditure sanction of Director, PGIMER
237Committee to work out an onfine mechanism for booking of private wards in the hospital and formulate a policy in which the criteria should be clearly laid out in order to ensure transparency
238Internal Screening Committee to assist the Review Committee to consider cases of pre-mature retirement of the Institute Employees covered by FR 56(j) or Rules of the (Pension} Rules or CSR 459(h)
239Committee for Amendement of Rules for the booking of Lecture Theatre Complex, Nehru Hospital
240Committee to conduct a Prelimeinary enquiry to ·find out the facts regarding excess payment of Rs. 130208/-out of the funds of the Project titled "FIST Scheme" funded by DST being maintained by Research Grant Cell (ledger page No. 972) of department of Pulmonary Medicine
241Committee for monitoring of day-to day activities of New Emergency O.T. Complex
242DPC Committee for Group 'C' Ministerial Staff and other Miscellaneous Staff
243A HUB Management Team consisting of the following members is hereby constituted. The Hub Management Team will be responsible for all activities related to t he Hub communication(s), execution of the activities, reporting, monitoring, financial reporting, and overall administration of the "Biomedical instruments and Devices Hub-A Centre for Innovation, Design and Clinical Vaiidation.
244A HUB Management Council to set up "Biomedical Instruments and Devices Hub-A. Centre for Innovation, Design and Clinical validation
245Committee constituted to decide how to implement the provisions of Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order 2017 of Govt. of India to encourage 'Make in India' and promote manufacturing and productions of goods and Services
246Committee to finalize to run the Indian Patents Right (IPR) Cell under Dean (R) regarding to look into the provision of framing an IPR Cell in the Institute
247Committee to Operationalize the Patient' Safety Implementation Framework for Central Government" Hospital/Institute
248Committee to look into the issues pertaining to resident doctors and students of the Institute from all angles
249Committee for implementation of Ayushman Bharat Scheme regarding Hospital Information System (HIS), Beneficiary Identification System (BIS) and Transaction Management Systems (TMS) with the contribution of Clinical, Radiodiagnosis, Laboratory Services! Accountsr Hospital Purchase Division, Central Stores, Pharmacy and other support services required to work in cohesion
250Committee to identify and recommend the room for alloting to the SC/ST Cell
251Departmental Screening Committee for Technical Cadre i.e. Laboratery Technician, X-Ray & Radiotherapy, OT Cadre, Dental Technician/DORA, Drivers, Telephone Operator, Tailors and
Miscellaneous Technical categories etc.
252Committee for better functioning of the Central Sophisticated Instrument Cell (CSIC)
253Committee to deliberate on the issue for the revision of the Post-mortem allowance
254Committee for selection of CPSU & Monitoring/Supervision for setting up PGI Satellite Centre at Ferozepur Punjab
255Faculty members of the various departments regarding issuance of Single Disability Certificate online
256Committee to examine and submit proposal of the draft minutes (Sr.No.2 to 37) of the Teacher's Eligibility Qualifications Sub-Committee meeting held on 12.09.2018 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Anil Mahajan1 before dissolving the MCI and its committees
257Committee constituted to conduct the enquiry fixing responsibility for denial and obstruction of information under RTI Act in case of death of Master Yash Arora due to alleged medical negligence in Liver Transplant performed at Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon as per order passed by CIC F.No.CIC/PGIME/C/2017/121556 dated 14.11.2018
258Committee to establish Institutional Rates for Genetic tests required for patient care in order to facilitate the process of transparency of specialized laboratories operating in the country on a yearly basis to the patients by collecting the rates of Genetic tests from all reputed laboratories and to make available these rates to patients
259Committee for Establishement of the Institute Innovation Council to encourage, inspire and nurture young students to work on new ideas and to promote innovation in the Institution through multitudinous modes leading to an innovative eco-system in the campuses
260Committee to discuss and recommend a suitable course of action for making collaboration with Clarity Medical System for developing a completely indigenous Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) pump
261Committee to look into the issues/suggestions given by Mr. Sudhir Thakur vide his email dated for improvement of various facilities being provided to the patients in the OPDs as well as in the Hospital
262Committee to inspect the suitability of the sites offered by the Govt. of Punajb for early operationalization of 50 MBBS Students for AIIMS Bathinda for the academic years 2019-2020
263DPC Committee for promotion of Group 'B' (Except Para-Medical Staff)
264A Committee consisting of the following members is hereby constituted for select9on of the post / Sanctioned forthe Influenza Like Illness ILI network centre under National Centre for Disease Control NCDC, New Delhi
265Committee consisting of the following members is hereby constituted to look into the complaint dated 07.04.2019made by sh. Vishal Aggarwal , advocate, # 530 sector 18/B, Chandigarh regarding death of his son namely Rivansh aged 11 months
266Committee constituted for the work of supply installation testing & Commissioning of Queue Management System for New OPD, PGIMER, Chandigarh
267Committee consisting to look into the Layout design issues of the on-going construction work of AIIMS Raebareli
268Committee to look into the feasibility, technical specification and cost of pneumatic Tube Transport System and Bio Medical Waste Management System
269Committee to monitor the work to restore the play ground to its original position and also upgrade the facilities and providing completion ceritificate
270Committee for a new Unit of Day Care Operation Theatre Complex, in the New OPD Block, for its functioning and day-to-day requirement
271Committee to examine the issue of having a regular Construction Division of the Engineering Department
272Scrutiny Committee to scrutinize the application in respect of Group 'C' Technical posts
273Committee to look into the Short Term Clinical Fellowships
274Committee to look into the proposals prepared by HSCC for procurement of Furniture for various upcoming blocks of the Satellite Centre of PGIMER, Chandigarh at Sangrur (Pb.)
275Fact Finding Enquiry Committee to investigate the matter regarding utilization of funds in the clinical trial agreement signed on 01.05.2017 by the JSS Medical Research India Pvt. Ltd. and Dr. Davinder Prasad, Professor, Deptt. of Dermatology
276Committee constituted for evaluation of technical and financial proposals, negotiations and final selection of Consultant for the work of  Architectural and Engineering Consultancy for the Up gradation and Special Repair of Bhargava Auditorium, PGIMER, Chandigarh
277Committee constituted for the Editorial Board for web portal
278Committe to procure/installation of Software/Hardware for customized Video conference in ROTTO Office
279Committee constituted to find out modalities, filling up the various posts sanctioned by the Govt. of India, to start MBBS course and day to day functioning, starting of OPD,purchase of furniture and other work/services and to visit AIIMS, Bhatinda
280Committee constituted to look into issues/ Complaint of harassment of employees of the Institute
Committee constituted to inspect for peer assessment of hospitals/institutes under  Kayakalp  Award Scheme 2019-20 for mantaining the highest level of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation
Committee to prepare a policy to determine Standard Operated Procedure (SOPs) and other allied modalities to ensure zero tolerance on the issue of violent clash between patients (including their attendants) and hospital staffs (including doctors) in the hospital of this Institute
Committee to look into issues/ complaint of harassment of SC/ ST employees
284Committee to scrutinize the proposals, DNITs, Technical Sanctions and Acceptance of Tender Documents falling in financial powers of the Director, PGIMER(above Rs. 1.00 Cr)
285Committee to discuss the matter for providing the accommodations to the External Examiner and Visiting Professors in the empanelled hotels
286Committee  constituted to carry out the physical inspection of building at AIIMS, Bilaspur HP and also to assess the deficiencies / discrepancies in construction and after rectification of defects 

Committee constituted for finalization of Concept design, DPR with detailed Design & Drawings, Tender documents , Evaluation of Technical and Financial Proposals , Negotiations and final selection of Contractor along with monitoring during  execution for the work of “Upgradation and Special Repair of Bhargava Auditorium“.

289Constitution of various committees for COVID 19 Pandemic
290Order of committe constituted to provide authentic information and health education videos for general public to deal with various aspects of COVID-19 Pandemic.
291Committee constituted to look into all issues related to Embezzlement/ irregularities in Local Purchase of Medicines in the Pharmacy Department, PGIMER, Chandigarh through illegal/fake slips by the Pharmacists
292Committee constituted for deciding the specific issue of transfer of patent titled, “D-penicillamine nanoparticles and process of synthesis” to the pharma company by Dr. Rajendra Prasad Ex-prof. & Head, Department of Biochemistry, PGIMER Chandigarh, for its development and commercialization
293COVID-19 Lab Coordination Committee