RTI Disclosure

Sec. 4(1).b.(vi)A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control;

Various types of record held by the Institute. 

Agendas and Minutes of the Governing Body, Institute Body, Standing Committees and other Committees.  


-  Personal Files of the Staff                                                     

-  Annual Confidential Reports of the Staff                    

-  Selection/ Interview/ Appointments               

-  Annual Reports

-  PGI Act, Rules and Regulations

-  Recruitment Rules.

-  Correspondence with other offices, Govt. of India etc.


-  Plan and Non Plan Allocations.

-  Salary, Advances etc.

-  Service Books

-  Pension

-  Payments/ Receipts/ Expenditure Record

-  GPF etc.

-  Various advances to the Staff


-  Allotment of Houses/ Hostels

-  Allotment Rules and Regulations

-  Tenders and Record of Commercial sites, parking sites, security, sanitation, equipment, Construction of Building, Hospital requirements


-  Records of Junior/Senior Residents/ Selections/ Training

   (M.Sc, Ph.D, B.S., (Lab/X-Ray) etc.

-  Degrees/Research Papers, Thesis written by various Residents/ Faculty

-  Education/ Training of Nurses

-  Research in various fields  


-  Books/ Journals etc. in the Library

-  Record related to membership of Library

-  Internet facility in the Library  


-  Purchase/ Condemnation of the equipments etc.

-  Purchase of Medicine, Surgical Items/ Sanitation/ Stationary etc.

-  Purchase of grocery items for the patients 


-  Birth and Death Record 


-  Stock Register, Record of various purchases, supplies & stores.

-  Record relating to procurement of equipments and material for the hospital. 

Medical Superintendent Office 

-  Record of Outdoor Patients (files where made)

-  Record of Indoor Patients

-  Record of various medical Labs, Tests, X-rays,  CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound etc.

-  Record pertaining to Dispensary, Staff Clinic 


-  Record of various constructions activities and maintenance activities. 


-   Vigilance/ Inquiries                                                                

-  Training in Hindi

-  Records relating to various court cases

-  Computerization of the Hospital

-  Record pertaining to animals in Animal House

-  Record pertaining to various projects, reports etc.